law firms large and small,

No matter where I have worked,

manufacturing, multinational wide area network support companies,

growing a private investigative company into a nationwide service provider or even public education

I found that balancing the needs of clients, employees, vendors and family is even more difficult when you are the leader trying to keep everyone happy. The toll is enormous and the reality is the toll is felt by all those around you. 

Whether I was the team member or business owner, what I most wanted was to feel like I was creating the life I wanted the hours and hard work I was putting in. Especially as a business owner because of the commitment it takes. What I wanted, and want for you, is to have the strategies in business that assure you get the return on your LIFE that you are investing.

As a certified Profit First Professional and a Pumpkin Plan Strategist, as well as my years of organizational experience, bring a powerful insight (according strengths finders) to any organization looking to up level their own leadership and create the Return on their Life Investment they were seeking.