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Stacey is My Coach. Stacey Makes Me Money. 

How would that sound to you if you could say "The work that I have done

while working with Stacey has made me $300,000 this year alone!

You are balancing clients, vendors, and staff. And it feels as if you don't 

have control - because you don't. And what would it be like if you did? In a way that empowered, rather than disempowered yourself and everyone around you? 

You know that as a business owner you have the best chance at creating the LIFE you want, and you know that right now, its not working as you thought it would and you don't quite know how to solve for that.  Working with a Strategic CFO who understands what you are seeking in life, and connects the dots from strategy, profitability and leadership powerfully so that you are assured that you get the return on your LIFE that you are investing. How would that impact your life and the lives of your team?

Stacey has been a certified Profit First Professional '16 and a Pumpkin Plan Strategist '17, and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner '19 bringing powerful insight to multi-entity entrepreneurs looking to up-level their own leadership and create the Return on their Life Investment you are seeking.

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